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about rondev freight

We are a Transport Broking Company.
 Mr. Ronnie Rao has been associated with the Transport Industry for the past 31 years.
The advantage of using a broker is that your goods can be picked up on time,
because we have the option of selecting the vehicle most suitable for your type of transport.
We use vehicles which have insurance and 99% of our transporters are on cell-phones or radio contact.

our vision

To be the best Transport Broking Organization. This can be achieved by adopting an Integrated And Honest approach. We choose not to be motivated by the acquisitions Of money but rather the Quality Of Service. We believe that the rewards will come Through our dedication.

our mission

To contribute to the development of transport in South Africa, by creating the most accessible network of information and service available to our clients and their business.

our purpose

To develop the areas of transport as efficient and establish an effective relationship with our clients. The best prices and the most economical mode of transport.

our services

Transport throughout the Republic of South Africa

Types of Vehicles

1x Ton, 3x Tons, 7.2x Tons, 24x Tons and 36x Tons

We also service local deliveries.

At the moment we transport for Major Companies. "Our Service is our advert.
We are Confident that we can be a great assistance with your transport requirements".

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